18 December 2013

On Being Pregnant... Again

10 Weeks. 
Where did that come from?
It seems like we just found out yesterday,
 but it also feels like I have already been pregnant for ages.

Im feeling great, apart from the desperate desire to go to bed at 8:30pm and the somewhat aching back ((whyyyy so early!!)) I have a tiny tiny little bump, actually looks bigger in the picture than it is and I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be fitting into maternity pants muuuuch sooner than last time around... probably due to the fact that I was just pregnant less than two years ago...

So far I have been finding the differences between being pregnant the first time and being pregnant for the second time very comical.

Read this list here for a list of very funny differences.

My faves from the list?

First Pregnancy:  You devour every single weekly pregnancy milestone update from BabyCenter.com and know exactly what kind of fruit/vegetable your baby currently resembles.
Second Pregnancy:  “How far along am I?  Um, let me see…maybe somewhere in the first trimester?  Wait, no, third.  I think.”
<< haha yes. This is me. Im not that bad but I definitely am not checking out my baby center app every two seconds, ahem, every day, like I was last time around >>
 First Pregnancy:  You diligently avoid all caffeine, alcohol, sushi and other supposed pregnancy no-nos.
Second Pregnancy:  “Make it a DOUBLE ESPRESSO.  And bring it up to the bathroom where I’m going to be snorting aspirin in a steaming hot bath.  Thanks!”
<< This one kills me... I definitely cut out coffee and hot baths (among other things) the first time around... so far I have had a coffee most days and at least 5 lovely baths! >>
First Pregnancy:  “Yay!  I’m starting to show!”
Second Pregnancy:  “Oh, God. I’m starting to show.  AND I’M ONLY ONE WEEK PREGNANT.”
<< so so very true, though I will say I forgot about the whole bloating thing that can accompany the first 8ish weeks or so... I was REALLY nervous for a while there >>
First Pregnancy:  You rub cocoa butter on your stomach every day to avoid stretch marks.
Second Pregnancy:  You quickly throw on your sweats to avoid looking at the stretch marks caused by your first pregnancy.
<< Friends. I was/am not one of those women who makes it through pregnancy with just one or two little stretch marks. Me, I was blessed with terrible genes and a breech baby who until 38 weeks was head up and not in the birth canal and therefore wreaking havoc on my poor belly. Not to mention that lovely* (jokes!!) ECV I had done which ya know kinda tore my skin even more... but im cool with it... umm mostly... >>
In other news Hazel learned to say "baby" this week and has suddenly become obsessed with bellies and lifting our shirts up. We have not even talked to her about the baby yet and so its obvious to me that she is a genius.... amiright? ;)
So there you have it. 
My 10 week little update. I hope to do an update again at (maybe) 13 weeks then 15 and so on. Don't wanna overload you with "bumpdates" but its an awesome way for me to remember this time too! 


  1. Love this. And it just gets worse with the THIRD! I forgot I was pregnant last week... For at least two days. :)

  2. That's adorable, I'm sure I will be the very similar the second time around. I'm an overly paranoid person though so who knows haha.

  3. haha well I think you can be excused! You have had A LOT going on!!

  4. This is a fabulous list...haha...it sounds about right, too! I've already thought "woah, next time I am not going to be such a freak about everything."


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