1 December 2013

Happy Home Maker: Katie's Home Tour

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Im happy to share Katie's home with you today. Pop over to visit her at A Worker at Home and you will be blessed. 

First of all, let me just say that when Hannah emailed me about being a part of her Happy Home Maker series, I was so incredibly excited. I have long been an admirer of her and her blog and to get to share a little bit of our family with all of you is so much fun. Thank you, Hannah for this opportunity!!

While many of the previous guest posters have shared photos of their whole homes with you, I decided to focus on my favorite parts of our little condo. As a military and now law enforcement AND military family (my husband transferred from Active Duty to the Reserves now that he is a police officer), we have moved 3 times in the past 2.5 years. We are moving out of this place in March, and right now are in the process of searching for our first home that we can call our very own. For now we get to make our temporary homes as comfortable and “home-y” as possible. If I had to describe my design inspiration I’d give you two words—Pottery Barn. J Think beautiful simplicity, classic, warmth, and a little rustic touch. Being renters and moving on average every 8-10 months, I haven’t been able to make that a complete reality so I’ve learned that there are so many little things I can do to make our house a home.

The first space I love is our master bedroom and bathroom. My goal no matter where we have lived has been to keep our room (and bathroom) an oasis—a peaceful, clean, calm, relaxing, and restful getaway. All of our furniture is hand-me-downs from my husband’s great grandmother (it’s old and beautiful solid wood) and since we are renters, I haven’t been able to transform our whole room to fit my “style”, but that doesn’t stop me from plumping up our bed with lots and lots of pillows, a soft down comforter, and burlap throw pillows that say “Sweet Dreams” from Pottery Barn.

Our room and bathroom (and whole home for that matter) are filled with framed photos that we both love. Getting to wake up and be reminded of our love story and precious memories captured in photographs makes me very, very happy.

My husband definitely adds his touches—like putting our toothbrushes together like they are in this photo. He tells me they’re “kissing” and it’s a reminder that he loves me. It’s a little gross (un-sanitary for sure! Haha!) but when he started it the morning he left for Afghanistan, it became such a sentimental tradition and I can’t be upset-- it makes me smile every time he does it.

Being the manly-man that my husband is, he likes having his metal lock box as his own “decoration” for his dresser.  I tried putting it away a few times, but it has always made its way back out. It’s filled with his knife and pens and wallet and other important things and while it doesn’t “match” our decor, I’ve finally realized that having it out is a compromise I’m more than willing to make. Seeing it makes me happy because his glasses and hat and little notebook sitting on top means he is home, and I really love it when my husband is home!  

 With months of distance because of deployments or training and then the arrival of our first baby (and now our second baby coming in a few months), we knew our lives would change and become even more adventurous (somewhat chaotic) as the years go by.  Our marriage is a top priority and a way I can show that no matter where we live is to create and maintain a warm, comfortable, cozy, and CLEAN space for my husband and I to escape to and relax and enjoy being together whenever he gets to be home. It’s ours—no matter what is going on outside of those doors, we know we have each other.

Another favorite room in our current condo is our living room. The hub of our family life and where we have been blessed to host countless friends and family members, our living room is always busy. Now with the holidays here, it has become a part of our home that I LOVE being in. Whether I’m cozied up on the couch in the early hours of the morning sipping my coffee and having a few minutes of quiet time to read, or chasing our toddler around, we have made the most of our small space and are so excited for our 2nd holiday season together.

Thank you for taking a mini tour of my favorite rooms. I would love to “meet” you over on my blog


  1. I love Katie's perspective! And style. :)

  2. I love your bedding and pillows...that looks so cozy!


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