2 November 2013

The Mom Police

Hazel and Mama on a walk to the Cabin.

Maybe its just me, and maybe its a first time mom thing. But do you ever feel like there is some secret "Mom Police" watching your every move?

No, Im not talking about the Mommy Wars here, many a great blog post has been written about those. 

I'm talking about when I'm at home, when there is no other Moms there to judge me. 

When its just me.

When I realize that I have nothing for Hazel to eat except for some molasses cookies and some frozen peas. 
I imagine I hear the siren, I glance furtively around the room.
Almost expecting that someone is going to come take me away and lock me up in the  "mommy slammer".
Citing me for an "unbalanced meal"

When I realize that we haven't gone out or done anything "social" all week. 
Can you hear the sirens? 

When I worry that I'm not engaging Hazel enough and encouraging her cognitive development. 
Yep, here comes the Mom Police. Ready to lock me up for bad parenting. 

But here is the thing. This is what I always forget.

Im the one who is in charge. I make the rules. Im the Mom.

Or, how my husband put it "Well, Child Services makes some rules and you make the rest".... hardy har har.

Raising littles is hard. Dang hard. And we put so much pressure on ourselves as Mom's, let alone the pressure from the outside world. But I really truly believe that the key to being a confident, self assured Mom, is just that; Realizing that you are the one in charge. Taking up your role that has been graciously given to you.

But be transparent, be teachable. You don't have to have all of the answers.
Take up your role and walk. Walk in grace, walk in love, walk in humility, walk in patience.

No looking over your shoulder.
You're doing this mom thing. And you're doing just fine!

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  1. Um, yeah...and then there are the moms like you and me who don't dress up our babies on Halloween! Gasp! That has to be like, a life sentence, right!? :) :) Haha!

  2. The siren you hear is good, it's your internal mommy thing, lol. I get it if I sit down to blog when my son's home from school. It rings loud and says get off the computer and go play with your precious baby while he's still a baby. Well, he's not a baby, but you know what I mean. :) And I listen and am always glad that I did. :)

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

  3. haha! I know right! 18 year sentence at least.... :)

  4. Chelsea CovingtonNovember 05, 2013 2:43 pm

    The comment about the mom police is a def YES!!!!!!! I don't want to parent the wrong way, but sometimes I am the parent who can't get her child to sit still in the cart so I let him ride standing up and i'm holding onto him.... people stare. Sometimes I let him eat 20 M&Ms, people stare. I can't help but think "well, sure go ahead and look, how else and I going to get him to behave any better? You have any ideas?" lol. I love your blog!!! :)


  5. I Love this great post. I remember it took me a long while to learn this one too! I felt like I needed to check with an expert all the time, then one day while I watched a child health nurse force-feed my gorgeous 6 month old mashed verges, I realised that when it came to my children, I was the expert. No-one knows them like I do, and I needed to trust myself more. X


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