22 November 2013

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I feel like I don't even deserve this Friday Favourites today... what the HECK happened this week?
Seriously. Not much was accomplished ova here... 

Nevertheless... here goes nothin.


Game night with my love. ((Alright alright this was last week but like I said... this week was lame))
Its possible that we are borderline board game nerds... this is our fave two person game we have been playing since our dating days. Its called "Balloon Cup"... its not super complicated but its great fun! It does involve a little bit of math... Bob always laughs at me when I STILL have to count on my fingers... I am no math whiz!


This DIY is from several years ago but I have lately become obsessed with these little trees and was looking for some clever things to do with them! I think these would look super cute with some little woodland animals in them! There are also a ton of diy's out there on how to bleach them and dye them different colors! 



Page CXVI is a super sweet little trio with a great sound. They have a Lullaby album that I listened to A LOT when H was a tiny babe, and she and I still listen to it. This is one of my favourite old songs and its a pretty sweet little video.


((really hope she doesn't mind me using this sweet picture!))

You should all check out this post by Jillian from "Adding a Burden". Its about their first "Gotcha Day", the day they brought their son Arie home from Russia. Jill writes a beautiful blog about adoption, infertility, faith and more. She has a wonderful gift for writing. I have never met Jill, but my husband knows her well and was her husbands roommate in college. 



Happy Weekend lovely ones

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  1. Love all of these! Game nights are THE BEST! We'll have to check out that game...we love games that can be played with just 2 players...haha! :) And that last photo is hilarious! Kids are awesome. Have a great (hopefully relaxing!) weekend.

  2. We are always looking for new 2 player games! Have to go try and find it online. Thanks!


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