13 November 2013

Mom-Lovin Hop No. 24

Phew! Thursday again? Wow! This week felt like a bit of a whirlwind and the next two are going to be even crazier as I am taking over a friends in home Daycare for her while she is off to New Zealand!! 
Yeah... I know... I might be crazy!
But i think it will be fun, and Hazel will love it... right? At least im hoping so!
Pray for me for me friends! 

How has your week been? 

Hope you all enjoy the hop today and meet some great people! 
Thanks for promoting and supporting this hop!

Our guest co-host of the week: Elizabeth from My Glad Heart

Elizabeth and her husband Jay are parents to twins! Her kiddos are just a month younger than Gabriel- that thought of having two guys of his age right now, wow! Elizabeth is passionate about natural child birth and breastfeeding (yahoo!). Her family are Christians who believe in living a simple life (inspired!). Her blog has something for everyone! 

Our featured mama this week is Andrea at Hey Mama, Rock Me.

Andrea is a wife, mother and artist- all of which are evident in the lovely blog she writes. Her blog is most certainly a family/life blog and one that will no doubt touch your heart! 

Joyful Life

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  1. Thank you, Hannah, for hosting the hop again :) I've FINALLY downloaded the bloglovin' app so now I can actually keep up better with everyone! I try to be intentional about reading other blogs while I'm nursing my babe. I am excited about being here every week to join up with this great community!

  2. Thanks for hosting! What a fun party!

  3. Hello, I am your newest follower! I just participated in the blog hop! I invite you to participate in mine if you would like http://www.thefamilyfunspot.com/2013/11/bloggers-unidas-1.html have a lovely day!

  4. Hi Hannah! Following via bloglovin and twitter thanks for the link up. It's going to be so nice to be able relate to other mommas :)


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