11 November 2013

Happy Home Maker: Jennifer's Happy Home

Welcome to 'Happy Home Maker'
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Today Jennifer is sharing her Happy Home with us...

Hi! I'm Jennifer over at Bringing Up Bauer. I'm so excited to be a part of the Happy Homemaker series and sharing a little peak into our home and all of my favorite things in it!

 We live in eastern Iowa in one of the few "bigger" cities we have here. We've made a few sacrifices along our journey together so we can get to the places we want to be. A stay at home mama, 2 beautiful girls, a full time working daddy, and a full time student daddy.

We have made our little two bedroom apartment home for the past 4 years. This place of ours holds so many wonderful memories. It's our first real home together. Our only home. Some people ask how we fit all of us in this little space, and what I love so much about this series is that it's not just about the home, but the people in it, and that's what makes it happy.

We have spent most of the year decluttering and redecorating. It's been a slow process, but I am so happy with the way it's turning out. I can definitely say we have mastered selling on eBay! Sell stuff to buy stuff. That's our motto. Sometimes ;)

So really in all I'm happy to have my little corner of the couch. I'm happy to have two bathrooms because Addison likes to take forever. I'm happy to have a fire place because we love to cuddle up together and I'm happy to have my family all packed into one space. Thank you so much for having me Hannah!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us Jennifer! :) Your home is sweet! I think its awesome that you make it work in such a small space!

  2. Visiting from Mom's Monday Mingle! What a fun series! As a new mom I enjoy taking a peek into other fellow mom's lives!

  3. We have a small home too, but it's kind of starting to grow on me. I know we want something bigger in the near future, but small houses are cozy :) Now, I need to learn how to sell on eBay so I can declutter! ;)

  4. I love the cozy feel of a small home too! And eBay is now my best friend ;) Try it! You'll probably get a little addicted though, haha! We sold old stuff around the house and used that money to buy all of our cloth diapers. It was perfect! xo

  5. You're welcome! Thank you again for having me!

  6. Such a sweet, cozy space. I love all of your plants by the window. And I totally agree with you, the people in the home is what makes it happy :)

  7. Thank you! I'm trying to keep the plants alive this winter so I hope they won't die by the window. I need to get that plant pot that says, "I Will Survive!" Maybe that will keep me positive. xo

  8. Hi Jessica! Thank you for stopping by Hannah's Happy Homemakers Series! It's nice to meet you :)

  9. I love your fireplace! You've made such a warm, cozy home :)


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