8 November 2013

Friday Favourites >>> Nov 8


Had to scroll back over the slim pickins in my Instagram feed... Having a sick house these last two weeks hasn't led itself to a lot of "moments". But I did have this gem. When Hazel was feeling better (but I was still sick) She was such a good girl to play on her own and just be content. Made me feel like I must be doing something right in this whole parenting thing since she doesn't seem to need to be constantly entertained. I also love having her in cozy sweaters and slippers at home... SO cute right?


Honestly. Can you even handle the cuteness of this? Im am SO going to do this and its already in the works. Im going to do different colored wool though for a more festive look! So excited! 
Find the tutorial HERE


Just do yourself a favor and listen to this song. I don't think you will regret it, and if you're anything like me, you'll probably hit the repeat button a couple hundred times. I have a bit of a mad crush on Ben Howard.... don't tell Bob ok? Just plain love all of his music.


It was hard for me to pick a fave post this week. It seems like every day I am totally enlightened by the amazing people who share their hearts on this here internets ;). But this post really hit home for me and I thought maybe it would for some of you too. Adriel Booker is a gifted writer and I find her very empowering and encouraging. You should really check out her Love a Mama community and The Sunshine Project ((especially near to my heart)). Adriel and her husband serve with YWAM in australia in full time ministry. If you want a 6 degrees of separation thing, I myself was in YWAM in Australia, and was at the base Adriel used to be at. I was friends with many of her friends and remember when she and her husband got together... it was all the "talk" haha! so weird.


I know the "Hey Girl" Thing is kinda 'last year' but man. These ones from Handmade Ryan Gosling are all "crafty" themed and they are so freaking funny.


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  1. {Visiting from Friday Favorites} The "Hey, girl.."s made me laugh ;) Starting your fave song now... Thanks for sharing the fun post! Have a lovely weekend!! - Brenda, ChattingOverChocolate.com

  2. love that felted garland. it reminds me a little bit of cotton too, which makes it even more awesome!!! :) happy friday! xx

  3. Love those hey girls! They crack me up every time!

    Hazel's slippers are beautiful! Did you make them?!

  4. Love your five! Hope you all get back to 100% soon! I love your first photo. Precious!

  5. Thanks Aileen! and thank you for stopping by! Heading over to you now! :)

  6. haha I know!! I can really relate to the crafty ones, now if only that was the actual response I got to my love of chalkboard paint...

    I didn't make Hazels slippers, wish I had! But I received them as a gift. They are called Padraig Cottage slippers. I LOVE them! I have had friends who have had them last through 4 kids! http://www.padraigcottage.com/

  7. Thanks Nancy! The slippers are made here in Canada, In vancouver. Im sure you could find somewhere that sells them around you. Here is the link, http://www.padraigcottage.com/. They are super sturdy and so warm! I love them and really want a pair!

  8. Thanks Ileana! Feeling much better, thankfully!! haha I cracked up at the ric rac tux too! hahaha

  9. Thanks Elise! I know, that felt garland must happen in my home immediately! :) Now if only I had the felting supplies!

  10. Thanks for visiting Brenda! popping over to see you now :)

  11. Haha, I always wonder what Ryan Gosling thinks of those too! I hope you liked the post too, I really enjoy her writing. And you should definitely look up Ben Howard, you'll probably love the rest of his songs too... We listen to him pretty much on repeat here, Hazel even loves him.


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