13 November 2013

Farewell 27...

Yep... Thats me on the right...
My Birthday is quickly approaching ((the 19th))
And since next week I am not sure how often I will be blogging
 (Im running a Daycare for a friend... eep!) I thought I would do this now!

Im on the far left :)
My Birthday has sort of snuck up on me this year. The other day I randomly looked at the expiry date on our milk ((ok maybe not randomly because I am a little anal about expired milk for some reason)) but the milk expired after my birthday. I was shocked! Now thats how you can tell something is coming up soon am i right? 
um... or is that weird? its probably weird...

Maybe its something about being a mom now, or maybe its just a "getting older" thing but I'm not overly excited for my birthday this year. Not because I don't like getting older, that doesn't actually bother me, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that there is something in my life now that means so much more to me than... well, myself. Not that it's selfish to celebrate your own birthday for goodness sakes, but I used to make a HUGE deal of it. Making sure everyone knew about it and tooting my own horn saying "my birthday is coming up!!" "Hey its my birthday!!". 
But to be honest. None of that matters to me much anymore ((well... that much anyway, since I'm obviously still blogging about it..)).
Its amazing how having a little life to care for and love changes your perspectives. 
Elizabeth Stone writes;

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ” 

I get that...

So to make things fun around here and to celebrate my birthday in a small way I thought, I really loved what Whitney did on her 27th Birthday in October, which was to write 27 things about herself. So Im going to be a copycat and do the same thing with 28! So here goes...

1| I have never broken a bone
2| I have never eaten a hamburger at a fastfood restaurant... ever. 
3| I didn't have any hair until I was 3.
4| If I could live my wildest dream I would be a midwife, probably in a developing country. 
5| I have a degree in English with a minor in History.
6| I counseled teens in crisis pregnancies for 3 years before I had Hazel. It was both difficult and awesome
7| I played Rugby in Highschool and have played Ringette all of my life ((sport on ice, check it out))
8| I feel more at home on skates than I do walking.
9| My parents divorced when I was 24, sometimes I still can't believe it. 
10| I did a Discipleship Training School with Youth With a Mission in Australia. It was one of the greatest times of my life. 
11| I don't think I could ever name a favourite book but I have read Jane Austen's works several times over and have read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers at least 7 times. 
12| The music you'll hear at my house on repeat includes; Ben Howard, Bethel, Brooke Fraser, Missy Higgins, and Paul Simon's Graceland album ((I know every word))
13| I was a swimming instructor and lifeguard for many years. I love the water!
14| We want to have 4 kids... yep. Either naturally or by adoption! 
15| I was in a very bad car accident when I fell asleep at the wheel. It is incredibly miraculous that I survived. I still get nervous driving at night. 
16| I have a pretty extreme fear of birds.
17| The reason I have a fear of birds is because a crow flew into my head while I was walking across my university campus. It was awful and I can still feel it fluttering.... ugh... 
18| The idea of communal living ((or separate houses same property)) and living off the land, really appeals to me. 
19| I have seen 10 babies come into the world!! 
20| I have made and sold my own bath & body products ((lotions etc)), bibs, and earrings ((still currently sell earrings!)) 
21| My husband and I were set up by a friend who picked him up hitchhiking ((true story, read it))
22| I think Prince Edward Island ((where I live)) has got to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Want to see why? Click here
23| I have been to Tim-buck-too. Its a real place in Africa, actually spelled Tombuctu. 
24| I have ridden a camel. 
25| Countries I have been to include: Canada, US, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland ((there is a difference!)), Jamaica, Singapore, Australia, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, South Africa, and Mauritania. 
26| I used to be a picky eater but after living in Africa I will now eat anything. 
27| All I really want to do is glorify the Lord in all of my being, in my actions, in my words. But I fail at that a lot. 
28| Not very many people in my "real life" even know that I have a blog! Ha!!

How are you guys feeling about your birthdays this year? If you're a mom, do you think it has changed how you view your birthday? 


  1. Love your list - so great to get to know you a bit more! Happy birthday! :) Oh, and I totally do the same thing with milk expiration dates - I remember at the end of my pregnancy buying milk that expired AFTER my due date...that's when I knew it was getting close! Haha! :)

  2. Thanks Nancy! It was fun making it! haha so glad im not alone on the whole milk thing... phew!!! ;)

  3. Happy birthday :) My husband has a thing with the milk expiring too. He will dump it the day of also if we have an unopened gallon and there is just a little bit left in one he will open a new one. Only a couple people I know in "real life" know about my blog too :)

  4. Happy early birthday, sweet lady! It was great getting to know you better by reading your list!

  5. #9, me too sister. Let's talk about it.

    I just love you. Can you love someone through words? Seriously though, you are one fabulous woman! Happy Birthday!

  6. Oh friend! Yes you can love someone through words, I feel the same about you!! So so incredibly thankful our "virtual paths" crossed! :)
    And seriously, yes, we should talk about it. Heck. its hard. I'm dreading Christmas in some ways. I always feel like we are stretched so thin and someone ends up getting the short end of the stick with "less time" with us. Oh dear.

  7. Thank you so much Jen! You are too sweet! :)

  8. haha so funny Ileana, my husband grew up on a dairy farm and he is slowly trying to teach me that it doesn't have to be chucked on the day of... haha I used to do it the day before, I'm so weird! I also don't know why I don't share my blog more freely, I think im starting to be more open to it. But its also kinda nice to have a safe place that no one you see every day knows about...

  9. Happy Birthday! What gets me these days is that I'm nearly the age I remember my own mom being. Wow.

  10. Happy birthday! I loved reading your 28 things about yourself list :)

    And yes, becoming a mom has definitely changed the way I see birthdays. On my birthday this year I thought, my mom had three kids by this age... I couldn't help but compare myself with her. I have a feeling I'll be doing that every year ;)

  11. The holidays do get really stressful for me, too. I worry about hurting feelings and staying genuine and also trying to not get involved beyond my place. Sigh. We spend our Thanksgiving with Justin's family down on their farm, which is my absolute favorite. :) I'm looking forward to it quite a bit! Christmas is the one to watch out for around here...haha! Happy Birthday again!!


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