25 November 2013

Fall Family Photos 2013

I am SO excited to share our Fall Family Pictures with you all! 
We picked them up today and there are over 100 delightful shots to choose from! 
I am really really pleased with them. 
Our photographer was Katelyn Fraser, who was actually a Doula client of mine 2 years ago! :) 
She is a super talented photographer and even though Hazel was on the verge of a bad cold and croup she pulled out some amazing shots!

Hope you enjoy!
Tell me which is your favourite so you can help me decide which to frame! 
haha Im having such a hard time deciding!

The photos were taken at our "special tree". A tree that I have loved since I was a little girl. We had our engagement pictures taken there as well and Bob carved a heart and our initials in it when we were dating (you can see it in one of the pictures)


  1. I LOVE the third one with the sunlight...sheer beauty. Also the one of Hazel with the pumpkins. Those two little bottom teeth are the cutest.

  2. What great picts!!!!! I love the 3rd one from the top. The coloring and lighting is so amazing in it! Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. That third photo is breathtaking! You have a beautiful family, Hannah!

  4. Beautiful!!! I have to agree that the third picture is pretty amazing. I also love the B+W one of you two :)

  5. Thank you so much! We were really happy with them! So glad you stopped by!

  6. Thanks Ileana! Those are two of my favourites for sure!

  7. Thank you so much Jen! :)

  8. LOVE! You have some amazing shots here Hannah...gorgeous family pics:)


  9. Beautiful photos and a beautiful family!

  10. These are perfect! You are so beautiful!


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