4 November 2013

Building Community Together

Hi friends. 
I'll be back later on today with my Happy Home Maker: Home Tour Series. 
The lovely Whitney will be sharing with us! ((so excited!!))
But for now I wanted to let you know about about a little change in my Sponsorship offerings.

This little blog here has been growing, more than I had ever thought was possible.
And with that I have been evaluating my purposes for my presence here online. 
And I've discovered that the most important thing to me is building community among women, and moms, and just, well... people. I want to encourage and build up.
That was the heart of why I started the Mom-lovin Blog hop.
So thats what I will continue to do. 
You probably won't see too much different as far as content
((You know I love me some DIY, crafty goodness, and Mom and Baby stuff))
I will still post whatever my little heart desires.
BUT it does mean that I will be doing all sponsorships on a swap basis. 
I like you, you like me. We both win.
Head over and check it out HERE

Thanks for already building an amazing community with me here on the interwebs! I have been so unbelievably blessed by the wonderful people I have met!


  1. So fun Hannah! Totally agree with you!

  2. Agreed!! The community is my favorite part of blogging too, and something about the idea of paying for ads or making others pay for ads doesn't quite sit right with me...I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! Love your new button (the triangle one) by the way!

  3. This is so cool Hannah. And I love the community building of your blog hop in particular. Have you ever thought of it as a type of ministry? Just wondering :)

  4. Thanks Lena! The funny thing is that as soon as I made this decision I felt a wave of relief! I had no idea that I was putting so much 'thought' time, and energy into what to do about sponsorships, seeing what other people are doing, researching, etc. For a while I thought, well this is the way everyone seems to be going, and this is what I should do. Im glad I finally came to the realization that it just isn't for me!

  5. Thank you Nancy! So glad that you are a part of this community! :) And glad you feel the same way!

  6. I love this! I would much rather have a small group of readers who I get to know than make money off of sponsorships. I'm glad I am a part of your community :)

  7. Thanks Kelly! Yeah I definitely have started thinking of it more that way. I do 'try' to think of my whole life as a ministry.... so I guess I thought to myself "why would my blog be any different"! This is the definite best quote from the post I have linked in over on my Sponsorship page- "And then Jami looked into a crowd of us Jesus-loving-bible-thumping-bloggers and talked about idols and posed the question If Paul was here today and started clicking through blog to blog and found yours.. what would he see?... What the blogging world doesn't need is a bunch of people claiming to be believers, running around trying to build their own name."

  8. Thanks Ileana!! So glad you are a part of this community too! :)

  9. I love this Hannah! I love the blogging community too and totally agree that meeting new people is one of the best things about blogging!


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