12 November 2013


So... A little late on this but I started it and I want to finish!

Lists... ya know I love em!
So Haley, over at Tiny Twig is doing a little link up of her goals for the month, and I have seen some lovely ladies doing the same so, I thought I would give it a shot before its too late!

I know I don't have much time left in November, and I promise I have been doing these but,
will you help keep me accountable to these friends?

>> finish Hazel's "first year" book. 
>> Get Christmas cards ordered and gather addresses
>> Overnight date with Bob ((sans baby))
>> speak grace and kindness to Bob everyday
>> Finish books; Cold Tangerine, One Thousand Gifts, Culture of Honour.
>> Christmas gifts made for nephews and niece, and one for Hazel.
>> Practice hospitality, opening our home to our friends and inviting them for a meal
>> do the dishes and tidy the kitchen every night before bed.
>> be intentional in my friendships, pursuing, rather than waiting to be pursued.

What are your goals this month?


  1. You're so crafty, I'd love to hear about the Christmas gifts you are making!

  2. Don't forget to add Bread and Wine to your reading list. :) And an overnight date sounds AMAZING!

  3. What great goals! Goals are so stinking important. Each month I write mine down and put them up on my "bucket list"/goal board in our kitchen as a daily reminder. I love the practice hospitality one - something I enjoy but don't do enough of.

  4. ooh yes! It is totally on next months reading list!! I can't wait, I already know I will love it! But I have got to finish all of the books I have already started!! haha! And yes, come hell or high water, that overnight date IS happening! haha

  5. ha! Thanks Kelly! I try! I am working on putting together a post on what Im making for Christmas gifts :)

  6. Thanks Sabrina! Yes! They are important! I definitely don't practice hospitality enough for sure. My husband is in ministry so we are ALWAYS with people and doing things so sometimes I like to keep our home a bit 'sacred' but it seems Im being more and more convinced that opening our home to people should be happening more!

  7. I can totally understand where your coming from. I recently read in Romans how it said we should practice hospitality - such a good reminder to me personally. I often feel with 4 kids and a messy house that I shouldn't invite others in unless it's "perfect" lol.


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