16 October 2013

We like to Party... or do we? ((The age of the "Pintrest Party"))

Hazels First Birthday Inspiration

It seems like everyone these days is throwing big bday bashes for their wee ones. Its the age of Pintrest and I know a lot of mama's are feeling intimidated by all of the chic and themed parties out there.

So whats a mama to do? Is the "Pintrest Party" becoming the norm?

Hazel's Birthday is on Thursday and lots of people have been asking what I am going to do for it.
It seems like on one hand people want you to throw a big party, but then if you go all out and do a themed party and put a lot of work into it, they are judging you for spending so much time and money on a birthday party for a one year old...  ya just can't win!

I decided to ask myself a few questions when thinking about a party for Hazel.
((maybe they will help you too!))

 Does thinking about having a big party stress you out?
This might seem like a no brainer, but it was something I needed to ask myself and be honest about. What do we have going on at this time in our lives? Are we realistically able to pull off a big party?

Do you feel it is expected of you to throw a "Pintrest Party"
We all know the pressure we feel as moms, especially for us first timers. Some of us have a "good mom" voice in our heads. And "good moms" do the Pintrest party, with the theme and the smash cake photoshoot.... right??...
More about the "Good Mom" voice here

Friends or Family?
If you do decide to do a party, you'll need to decide whether you will have just Family, or friends at the party. If you have answered yes to the previous two questions, then my suggestion is to invite just family.

To theme or not to theme?
Themes can seem intimidating, but in all honesty it can be helpful to use a theme to focus your ideas. If you go with a theme, my suggestion is to incorporate it in more subtle ways, and to have a theme as a general idea. You do not need to go cutting up Elmo, Dora, or Lightening McQueen confetti, or making cookies with your baby's face on them... yeah its a thing.

What is important to you?
Ask yourself, whats important? Is the cake important? Are pictures important? Is looking back over the past year important? Then spend your time making a memory book or printing pictures to be displayed. Spend your time on the cake if that is what is important to you. Is it important to you to have a big party to celebrate your little one, or will a more low key gathering be just as sweet?

Once you have asked yourself these, or similar, questions, evaluate your answers and you will get an idea of what type of party will be the best for you and your family. The reality is, its us who puts the pressure on ourselves to pull off the ultimate party, and to look amazing while doing it. Maybe there are those amazing moms out there. But if you're not one of them, don't sweat it, you are the perfect mom for your sweet baby!

I had lots of grand ideas for Hazel's party. I would love to be able to throw her a big and beautiful party in our lavish home, with my professional photographer snapping candid shots... just like I see on pintrest. But in reality, I have a very small home and very limited time to pull off something like that... ((Im not going to lie. I even thought about having it at my in-laws solely because their house is nicer... im crazy))

With all that being said. I personally love having people over and I love the planning process. I had to scale my ideas down considerably, and live in the reality of what was actually possible for us, but Im excited about it, and I think it will be super fun!

So what are we doing you ask?

You'll see my little inspiration board I put together above. In the end I decided to go with an outdoor "picnic brunch party". Our house is small, and even though its October, its supposed to be a nice day and I've asked people to come prepared. We have invited our closest friends and their kids ((small family party will be on Hazel's actual birthday)) And I chose to do brunch, because brunch foods are easy to prepare and lends itself well to a buffet picnic style party. Since I have chosen to do it outside that will cut down on many decorations, so I will just be decorating Hazel's highchair, and making a blanket fort ((if time allows)) for the littles to play in.
((Blanket forts are a bit of a birthday tradition in this house and I want to carry on the tradition for Hazel))
I think all of this will be so much more authentically "us", we love being outside, we love brunch, we love our community of friends, and we LOVE our baby...ahem toddler ((sniff))... girl.
Now if I can only get through the party without becoming a puddle on the floor crying "Where did my baby go?" I mean... no not me...... I will be perfectly composed and probably look like a million bucks... right Pintrest?

Did you have a first birthday bash for your littles? 

Do you like throwing a big party or do you think Pintrest is putting too much pressure on us mamas?


  1. Love this girl!! I've always dreamed of having a birthday party for my daughter.. I think it's more for me than for her lol.

    What I decided to do was have a small themed party Giraffe party with just family at my house and then with friends go out to lunch to celebrate. :)

  2. Love these tips! I'm not a mom, but I know many mom's and they have struggled with this! Great insight and encouragement!

  3. This is great, Hannah! I think Pinterest can create unnecessary pressure and even maybe a little discontent with what our reality is. I'm struggling over what to do for Tessa's birthday too. Like you, I'd LOVE to be able to throw a "Pinterest-worthy" party, but part of me feels a little silly going all out, spending all that time and energy (and let's be honest, MONEY!) for a one year old who will have zero recollection of the day. I like the balance you've struck here and am reconsidering my desire to have a huge bash. I think a simpler, smaller, less extravagant party is truer to who we are anyway. I might not even consult Pinterest at all for party planning now! Take that Pinterest! :)

  4. I personally (as you know) love this kind of stuff! It's not for everyone and that's okay! Everyone has their strengths.

    If you give yourself enough time (I started 6 months out...) it really doesn't feel like work and with that much extra time you can cut a ton of corners to save good chunks of money!

    I have a hard time calling them 'pinterest' parties since Pinterest doesn't make them- bloggers do. :)

  5. Lhasa HetheringtonOctober 20, 2013 6:31 pm

    Hi! I stopped by your blog as part of the blog hop! Nice blog :)
    I am in love with the pinterest party idea, but mine never work out quite so pretty! I did pull of a homemade titanic pinata one year though- but then it just got all smashed to smithereens in seconds. All my hard work laying on the ground in pieces...oh well, the kids were thrilled!!
    xxoo- Lhasa from Lhasa's Lovely Day

  6. This is a great post! It describes what I have been thinking and feeling. My baby girl, Amelia, is only 8 1/2 months and I have already been buying things while they are on sale so I won't spend tons of money when it comes to crunch time. I definitely feel the pressure, mine is from myself just because I want to do a nice-small family party! Or do I!? Ahh the conflict between doing a family party or doing a friend and family party! I like the idea of doing two different parties one for family and one for friends. Thankfully, I still have time! I like what you said about being true to who you are. Thinking about that I will probably do a small family party! Thanks for letting me think out loud on your blog!



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