8 October 2013

Thrifty Mama

Are you a thrift shopper? I love to get a deal, and it's a good thing I married a Dutch man... Cause that man loves his deals too. Back in high school I used to exclusively thrift shop. All of my clothes were from Value Village ((VV as I like to call it)) and I even worked there for a brief stint.

As I've gotten older I've seen the wisdom in buying, sometimes pricier, but fewer clothing items, that last a bit longer are are a bit more 'classic'. I'm no fashion maven, but I do like to be 'in style' while still keeping true to my own style which I *think I've mostly figured out.

Of course I often wish that I had loads of money to go on a big shopping spree ((which I would mostly do online considering the pitiful selection on this tiny Island)). But for the most part I'm happy with my comfortable, maybe a bit earthy hippie, beachy, semi-hip, style. Ya know, if that was a real style.

But that doesn't stop me from still hitting up ol faithful VV for other items! No sir! While I would love to be able to buy Hazel all natural wooden toys ((and I tried at the beginning)) it doesn't seem to be in our budget these days. Case in point, the car/walker pictured above $4. The wooden one I wanted... $40... Um sorry Haze... BPA's it is.... ((Jk... But really? I hope not!))

My other scores from the trip were a Fisher Price pop up toy ((which Hazel has discovered she can make the things pop up by throwing it on the floor...)) a crocheted blanket ((which you'll soon see featured in our outdoor family photos)) a copy of Emma ((one of my fave books, I couldn't pass up this copy... You know, cause I don't already have two...)) and my exception to the rule, this beautiful camel coloured jacket which I tried on and fell in love with! ((I actually didn't have any more cash with me so I made Bob go back and get this... He had to search for a while but found it by my very vague description, sweet man!!))

What about you? Do you like to thrift shop? 

What's your best find lately?

xo Hannah 


  1. Family photos!?! Eeek. Excited for that! :) I'm a terrible thrift shopper...I end up getting discouraged so quickly. I've heard you really have to visit frequently to know what is a good deal/what isn't and know what new items have come in. My sister-in-law is amazing...she finds the best things! I need some lessons.

  2. I love a good bargain too! I hate excessive spending even if we can afford it. So much so that my husband calls me tight. I don't really care because I believe in value for money and everything in moderation. My latest best find was a $1 t-shirt for my lil girl.


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