23 October 2013

The Wonder Weeks: Week 55

Friends, if you are here because you typed into Google, 
"Wonder Week One Year Crazy Baby" 
then mama, I feel you!! 

If you don't know what on earth im talking about, you can check out my more extensive post on the WW's here

Wonder Week 55, oh how I loathe you! 
This Wonder Week was our worst one yet. Lasting for almost a solid 4 weeks this Wonder Week, the World of "Programs" was a tough one. 
There is just so much going on in the brain of a One year old, not to mention the physical development of standing, walking, and just getting around more in general. 

Here is some info on The World of Programs from the Wonder Weeks site

Every child’s first birthday is a significant occasion. The end of the first year means for many parents the beginning of the end of babyhood. Your little cherub is about to become a toddler. In many ways, of course, she is still a baby. She still has so much to learn about her world—which has become such an interesting place to explore. She can get around so much better now, though, and she has become adept at getting into everything that interests her.
Shortly after the first birthday, at around 55 weeks, your little one will have gone through another big change in his mental development and will be ready to explore the world of programs. This will make her seem even more like a little person with her own way of approaching the world. A watchful parent will begin to see the blossoming of a new understanding in the toddler’s way of thinking.
The word “programs” is very abstract. Here’s what it means in this context. In the previous leap in development, your baby learned to deal with the notion of sequences—the fact that events follow one after another. Programs are patterns of if-then decisions. The next sequence that is expected depends on what has just happened, instead of repeating every time.
In this wonder week, baby will learn the meaning of more activities that may not follow a particular sequence, for instance, doing the laundry, having lunch or tidying up.  This wonder week usually lasts about 4-5 weeks although it can be as short as 3 weeks and last as long as 6 weeks.  During this period, baby will be quicker to cry than usual, more cranky, temperamental and unmanageable.

Sounds fun huh? 

Signs of the Wonder Week include:
Spontaneous temper tantrum. Happy one minute, crying the next.
Grabs onto comfort item more often
Wants to be entertained more often
Cries more often, and is cranky, moody and grumpy.

Abilities after the Leap include:
Comes to you with jacket and hat because he wants to go out
Grabs clothes and tries to dress herself
Bathes a doll
Invents imaginary ways in which he drives a car
Examines intensively how you do a program such as cooking, eating, or putting on makeup.

We have two more leaps to go according to our wonder weeks chart. But I have heard that week 55 is the worst of them. Hazel faired out pretty well, all things considered and is on the way out of the leap. I have definitely seen her interest in what Im doing, when in cooking, cleaning or doing regular household things peak in the last week or so. And she has also started trying to put on her clothes herself and will try to take them off too! 
The thing I love about the wonder weeks is that it puts a positive spin on the fussy times. You know that there is a reason your baby is being cray cray, she is learning something! I like that! 
Hazel definitely demonstrated typical 'leap' behaviour this time around, especially with the spontaneous 'tantrums', she would be playing fine and then just cry. She also was much more into being entertained, when she is normally content to play on her own. And also went through some major sleep regression for a few days... talk about a bummer!  
So if you are in the throes of this wonder week, hang in there mama, it will be over soon. 
If you are just learning about the Wonder Weeks for the first time, get the book, get the app, it is well worth it! Both offer positive suggestions on how to help your child through the leaps, which I have found really helpful in these later leaps! 
Does this behaviour sound familiar? Wondering if your child is in a Wonder Week? Check out this chart to see.

Have you followed the Wonder Weeks?


  1. I've never thought of the fact that most babies have a crazy week, like it's on schedule or something :) Perhaps this would be good for more moms to know, as it will help them feel less alone!

  2. Hannah! I just looked in my WW book today because Ben has been driving me bonkers and has been excessively moody. Well, actually just really annoying. Ha!

  3. Hannah @ Joyful LifeOctober 23, 2013 11:48 pm

    ooo, yeah he is probably in the leap ahead of Hazel? I have found some of them really tough and others have hardly affected her at all. Hang in there! I always tell myself, "this too shall pass" haha

  4. Hannah @ Joyful LifeOctober 23, 2013 11:50 pm

    Yeah Kelly, there is a whole science behind the Wonder Weeks with over 30 years of research put into it. Its pretty crazy. Hazel has definitely followed the weeks quite accurately, though some were tougher than others. Its also usually bang on with what she is learning as well. I tell every new mom I know about it. The app is 4 bucks and well worth it.

  5. My twins are right in the thick of this. Ugh. But it is pretty amazing watching them make connections. They love to go to the door and try to open it. They LOVE to play outside. But oh the tantrums. My daughter is definitely experiencing that more than my son. It won't last forever, right?

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this!! I completely forgot about wonder weeks and it has explained A LOT of unusual fussiness!! We just came out of the squiggly grey patch at around 30 weeks and are headed for sunshine...that is if teething settles down a bit.

  7. Hannah @ Joyful LifeOctober 24, 2013 11:34 pm

    Absolutely! Sunshine is just around the corner!! Hazel finally finished up this Wonder Week only to get croup... ugh! So we are back to sleepless nights again for everyone... poor girl! Oh and teething does get better... well, a bit better...

  8. Hannah @ Joyful LifeOctober 24, 2013 11:35 pm

    Aw Elizabeth huge props to you for doing this with twins! You are obviously amazing! I have twin nephews and my Sister in law just amazes me. You will definitely get through this Wonder week!! There is always an end! Hang in there mama!

  9. I hope your little Hazel gets better soon :) Glad to hear teething gets better.

  10. So, my daughter is going through an extremely fussy stage right now (probably the most fussy she's been EVER). Ugh!! Normally she eats everything we put in front of her, this week she's been crying/screaming at mealtime and hardly eating anything; normally she goes down for naps & bed without a fight, yesterday she cried for 45 minutes before falling asleep - not like herself AT.ALL!! We've been so frustrated, then last night I this post and I made a mental note to check the little chart in the morning to see if we're in the middle of a "wonder" week (haha...not sure I would have chosen the word "wonder" for this!!), sure enough she's 44 weeks on Thursday! Wow! Must go buy this book to find out what the heck to do with her! :)

  11. Hi Hannah, I'm new to your blog and landed here when I googled the magical terms 'Wonder week' '1 year'. I'm sure you know my state of mind if I had to google that. So glad to see it's just another phase, that'll pass too. :)
    I have shared your blog post on my FB page too for other friends in similar predicament. :)
    And before I forget, congrats in advance on your next bundle of joy. :)


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