11 October 2013

<< Friday Favourites >>

Phew! Haven't done a Friday faves in a while but im excited to get back into the FF groove! I had a beauty little week, complete with an unexpected day off, a delightful walk on the beach and weather that is just waaaay too beautiful for October! But I'll take it!! 


 Beach time with my baby girl! We love living so close to the beach ((I mean Im on an Island so, ya know... kinda surrounded by it)) I lived in BC ((British Columbia)) for a year and I loved it there too, and they DO have ocean there... but not MY ocean. I didn't realize until I left here, how much the wind and the waves of my little Island had so penetrated my soul. I love it here and will be here until the Lord calls me somewhere else. 
I mean... how could you not love this...


I mean really??? Can you even handle this!! This is something I will for sure be doing when H gets older... Heck I might even just do it now... Have to get hubs on board though since I think he would be doing the lions share of work! 
Check out the tutorial here at How Does She? 


If you don't know Bethel.... then girl, you're missing out! Go get yourself hooked up with The Loft Sessions, and their new Tides Album and then just sit back and be so blessed. Bethel is on constantly in our house, even Hazel loves it. This is probably my favourite song from their new album.

"You have all this world, give me Jesus" 


Ok ok... so its not a post but a few posts... 11 so far!! Im LOVING this series "31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner" by Trina at Beginner Beans. This is one of my all time fave blogs and one I have followed for quite a while now, long before my own bloggity days! Check this little blog out and you won't be sorry! 


Sorry I could only find a screen shot of Joshua Harris' tweets... But were you guys following the #AddAWordRuinAChristianBook hashtag this week??? Holy moly there were some funny ones! Her.meneutics writer Rachel Marie Stone started it on Monday and it spread like wildfire! haha 
A few of my faves... 

I kissed Carbon Dating Goodbye - @SamAllberry

Crazy Love Handles - couldn't find original creator!

Buckwild at heart - @lesswithoutyou

Purpose Driven Life Jacket - @Rachel_M_Stone

A Hunger Games for God -  unknown

A Divine Bromance - unknown

My hubby's contribution was "The Irresistible Zombie Revolution" haha ((which he actually tweeted as me))

Happy Friday Friends!! Hope its a sweet one! 


  1. Oh I LOVE bethel!! And those headbands are sooo cute!

  2. love this list Hannah! your little island is gorgeous and I'm so happy to go find out more about bethel!

  3. Hannah! I just found your blog through the five on Friday link-up (so random)! Can't wait to follow along! :)



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