2 October 2013

Mom Lovin Hop No. 18

I have SO enjoyed getting to know lots of other moms through this Blog Hop! I don't know about you, but I kinda suck at making new friends in the "real world" but its been such a blessing to truly make some real connections here through the blogosphere. So awesome! 
I really hope that if you are here for the first time that you will leave us a comment and make some connections so you can join in this great community of mamas too!  

How did you guys like the new changes last week? Awesome right? You may have noticed that Lena and I are now sharing the Host roles (bless this girl for helping me out soo much), and Andrea has joined us as a Co-Host and we just couldn't be happier to have her! 

Hope you guys really enjoying checking out all of the other linkers today!  

On to the hop!

Our Feature of the Week! 

Angela from Angela's Adventures is our featured mommity this week! She is mom to three super darling little ones and is a wife and follower of Jesus Christ. What I love is that she too is a child of the Pacific Northwest! Maybe she is neighbor to Andrea and I?! Are you near Kitsap county Angela?! She uses her blog to document the life of her family and to celebrate the little things. 

If you are new to the hop PLEASE leave us a comment letting us (Hannah, Lena, and Andrea) that you are new and how you are following so we can return the favor! 

If you would like to be a guest co-host please email Hannah- hannahsjoyfullife((at))gmail((dot))com
This is a free opportunity with little to no hassle (just copy paste some HTML) to network with more mom bloggers! 


  1. Hey guys! Sorry for anyone trying to link up today! Looks like we put the wrong time on our Bloglovin hop! Lena is hosting the hop today so Im sure when she gets started with her day then she will be here to change the time for us! Keep checking back to link up! :)

    1. In the mean time we still have FIVE other ways you can link up too!!

  2. Thanks for hosting as usual ladies!


  3. Hey hannah! not sure how I found your awesome little blog but i'm not a mama but I love it! your crafts are AWESOME! Its great to read your thoughts again! Remember the old XANGA days! lol!
    Erin S!!!

  4. I'm loving all of the new changes to the bloghop! I'm the worst at making it over here on Thursdays. I always find myself stumbling upon it a day too late. oh me oh my.

    I AM SO WITH YOU. I'm seriously socially awkward in the "real" world. So shy. Over think things, even simple greetings. This has been a great way for me to connect, which I seriously need. As socially awkward as I am, I'm also a very social person and really need that connection.

    I'm so thankful for what you all do every week! (Even though I usually miss it!)
    Thanks for being such fantastic hosts! And welcome to the team Andrea!


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