22 October 2013

Dear Hazel, On your first birthday.

Dear Hazel, 

Its your first birthday. You have been with Daddy and I a whole year. 365 days. 
365 kisses goodnight
365 sweet morning smiles

It has been a joy to watch you grow and transform before my eyes. Your sweet personality blossoming in my arms. It has been a joy to hold you close, to breathe in all of your sweet baby-ness.
You already have an infectious personality and you love to make people laugh and smile. 
You crinkle your nose and show your teeth when you smile. Its so. stinking. cute.

You have taught me more about myself than you will ever know my sweet girl. 
Things like my capacity for love. My threshold for pain ;). My ability to persevere through difficult times. Stretching my patience to new limits. Helping me to relax more and go with the flow, but also to have structure and be intentional where it counts.

You have given your Daddy and I the amazing gift of watching each other be your parents. This helps us to love each other more and more.

I can only imagine what this, now your second year of life will look like.
I know I won't do everything right but I do promise to seek the Lord in how to love you more, how to teach you what you need to be taught and how to let you figure things out on your own.

I love being your mom. Im so happy you were born my sweet one.



  1. Beautiful! It's amazing how much our little ones teach us without even realizing they're doing it. What a gift!

  2. Such beautiful words. There is nothing like the love one has for a child. And no one can teach us as much about life and love like a child can. Here's wishes and dreams for another amazing year with your little one.

  3. Beautiful! Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl! :)

  4. Aww happy birthday sweet Hazel! How quick time flies! May you grow to be a woman after God's own heart xoxo

  5. So sweet! Happy Birthday little lady!

  6. Beautiful post! My twins just turned one too. It's so bittersweet.

  7. Awww, Hannah...so beautiful. Hazel has a wonderful set of parents :)



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