5 September 2013

Mom-lovin Hop No. 14

Ladies... As you read this I am currently working my first shift back at work after my maternity leave... Actually I'm still on maternity leave as Hazel is only 10 months. I really never ever thought I would be going back to work but for a couple of weeks I've decided to "make hay while the sun shines" and waitress 2 shifts a week during the busy cruise ship season here where I live. Waitressing is something that I'm pretty good at ((if I do say so myself)) and also something that will be financially worth time away from my sweetest girl... I think... ((In Canada we get paid minimum wage $10/hour plus our tips... So it's kinda sweet, Canada rocks y'all)) All that aside.... IM SOOOO NERVOUS! So if you're a praying kind of gal, pray for me!
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Andrea lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and spirited baby boy. She's a journalist turned elementary teacher turned stay at home mommy. After a sad and unexpected birth experience, she really believes in the power of natural birth, but loves meeting mothers from all walks of life. She considers herself a hippie in the making and enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, organic food, birth, babies, motherhood, traveling, and dreaming of faraway lands. You can check Andrea out all over the Internet through these links Pintrest and Instagram
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Marta at Petite Raisin
Marta is a fellow Canadian Blogger who blogs about family, fashion, design food and a little bit of fitness! She's got a great real way of writing that will make you feel like you are friends already, so pop on over and check Marta out.

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  1. Oh my gosh! That was unexpected! And amazing, thanks for the feature!

    Very sweet and kind of you :)

    Best of luck in the transition from maternity leave, to work. I used to serve back in the day...I miss the tips and the disposable income!!


  2. Hope your first shift goes well...and fast! :) Sending prayers in your direction!

    1. Thank you so much Nancy! It went well! Better than I expected for sure!


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