17 September 2013

Everyday Gratitude


For warm sun and crisp air. For sweet belly laughs. For caring husbands turning into loving fathers. For sore feet after a long day. For growing in grace and love for one another. For a quiet heart. For a still house. For frosty mornings. For apples hanging heavy on the tree. For boots and sweaters ((yippie!!)) For friendships. For new adventures.

For all of these things I'm thankful today. I'm being reminded to find gratitude in simple small things. In everyday. In life, in the mess and chaos, and all that beauty.

What are you grateful for today?



  1. I have so much gratitude! I am so thankful for Jesus, my family and our health! A roof over our head and that finally, Fall is around the corner! Love the new blog look!

    1. Thanks Lynet! And thanks for sharing what you're grateful for :)

  2. Hey Hannah! I nominated you for a Sunshine Award on my blog! Here is the link:


    Have a great day! :)


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