9 September 2013

Broken Birthing: part 1- The Passion


This is the story of how I became a mother.

I was I inspired to write this post after reading the words of a sweet mama I had the privilege to share a brief time with in Perth Australia during my Time attending a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission. You can find her beautifully written words here .

I remember admiring how these women ushered sweet babes into the world, their hands the first to welcome the wriggling bodies, slick skin. It was their stories, and the amazing whirlwind birth I had the honour to witness in West Africa weeks later, that sparked my desire and passion for all things birth. While on my DTS, I discovered that God had a plan for me to work with women and babes, to be there during the quiet, the straining, the anticipation, and finally the sweet exhilaration of that first breath, cry, the furrowed brow. It's a beautiful miracle, and if you ever get the chance to witness it as a bystander and not an active participant, do not deny yourself the experience!

This passion took me by storm with its force and I was excited to see where it would lead. I set my sights on Midwifery, and began pursuing the courses I would need for acceptance. I applied for one of the few highly coveted spots at the closest university which offered a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery, AND... I was not accepted. I was crushed. Thankfully there is One who knows more than me, and that fall, when I would have been away at school, I felt a significant part of my world crumble when my parents separated. It's a hard thing when you live for 24 years of your life with things one way and suddenly everything is different. I still struggle with this new reality at times, 3 years later. I'm thankful I was able to be home and grieve, and dramatic as it sounds I do use that term to describe the path I had to mentally travel to process my thoughts and feelings, and to let go of what was and accept what is. I'm thankful also because it was in this season that my sweet love hitchhiked his way into my heart. Had I been pursuing "my" dream I would not have had this joy.

With the dream of midwifery on the back burner, I pursued other ways to live out this passion. I worked at a Pregnancy Centre with young moms, and I became a Doula. I have had the immense privilege to witness 7 babies take their first breath. It never gets old, I grin and cry like a fool. In this I have found my passion realized. It is not where I thought I would be but it is good.


All of this before I welcomed my own baby into this world. Part 2 of this story belongs to her.

I have began with this part of my story because it is important for me to explain the background of why I'm passionate about birth and what has effected my view around my own experience.



  1. You know I love this. :) And it's crazy because yet again, we have written something so similar! I just wrote a guest post about the separation of my parents when I was in my twenties and how my husband also "hitchhiked his way into my heart." I can't wait to read more of your birth journey...after you told me you were a doula it has been tickling my heart to pursue it more seriously. -Andrea

    1. What! Andrea that is so funny! I'm going to read your post right now! I've been thinking about writing a post more in depth about what it's like when your parents separate when you're older, maybe ill quote you!! :)

  2. Hannah! I want to know that next part right now! You have me sitting at the edge of my seat! This is beautiful.

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

    1. Aw glad you liked it! Part 2 just needs a bit more work until its ready to go up... It's definitely the harder part to write! :)

  3. I cannot wait to read more - very touching, Hannah.


  4. What a wonderful gift that you give to women being able to support them during their birthing process.

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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