28 August 2013

Mom-Lovin Blog Hop No. 13

Hi everyone! Hope your week is going well! We are ((finally)) moved back home from camp and boy do I need to baby proof this place! Holy Moly! Hazel learned to crawl and stand while we were at camp and since our furnishings and space was minimal at camp she didn't get into too much trouble... Not gonna lie, I totally strapped her into her highchair today in the middle of the living room and put on some Netflix kids just so I could get some organizing done... Eep mom-fail! Whatever no judgement right guys? Anywho.....

Welcome to our Mom-lovin Blog Hop

Link up your blog and meet and follow other mom bloggers!

With your host Hannah from Joyful Life and our co-hosts Lena from Root and Blossom and Mia from Mossy JoJo and our special guest co-host Heather from A Different Kind of Woman

Heather is a young wife and Mom who is passionate about her faith and loves to write. If you pop over to Heathers site on any given day you are sure to be encouraged. She writes about her life mothering her sweet little girl and her marriage, but she also writes about other things that she is passionate about too like ministry, body image, fashion and purity. Be sure to follow Heather and check out her blog for some encouragement!

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Our Featured Mama today is

I have to give huge props to this mama. She is a young Mom with a 5 month old who just returned to school this week! I honestly can't believe she can find the time to blog but she is a definite inspiration to young moms out there! As soon as I read Zoe's blog I knew I had to feature her. For the last 3 years, before I had Hazel, my whole job was to support and encourage young Moms just like Zoe. It makes my heart so happy to see a young mom, just like all of the past mamas I have worked with who is totally doing this mom thing and doing an awesome job too! So go visit Zoe and encourage her, especially this week as she has had to go back to school and leave her sweet girl at daycare for the first time, which is always tough. Keep up the awesome work Zoe!!

On to the hop!! We have our twitter link back up again this week! Remember that if you tweet this link up and use the hashtag #momlovinthursdays you will be entered to win a month free ad space in Joyful Life's soon to be launched ad campaign. ((Exciting!!! Stay tuned for info))


  1. I love the name Hazel. So sweet. :)

  2. I get the urge to high five other people when they use "holy moly".

    I say it far too often.


    1. Haha thanks Laura! My husband says I say it too much too ;) thank for linking up last week! Hope your join us again!

  3. Thanks for hosting! New follower!


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