24 August 2013

Goodbye sweet summer

I can see it when I look out to the water, the waves know its coming. I can feel it in the crisp morning air and the chill that settles in at night. Fall is coming. We can't delay it; there is no endless summer here. September is quickly approaching and with it comes a myriad of emotions and all things new.

We've been living and working at a Camp for the summer. Our adventure began in June and ended today. Hazel learned to crawl here, got her first and second tooth here, turned 8, 9 and 10 months old here. We've served and loved and danced and sang and praised and have seen God move in incredible ways. We've seen genuine change, been a part of Gods kingdom coming to earth. We are blessed. Incredibly and inexplicably blessed.

And we are weary. My sweet love is weary, he has given his energy and his heart poured out as an offering to the One who is worthy of every ounce of time, every fibre of our being.

With dirty feet and full hearts our summer is drawing to a close. The final week has come to an end, all of the kids are gone and the camp is quiet again, laying fallow for the winter until The Lord will come to sow and reap again next summer.

This has been a season, a season of blessing and challenge. Tomorrow we begin a new season. Where will The Lord take us next?

Are you beginning a new season of life this fall?





  1. This is beautiful! I have spent many a summer at camp and this is the perfect description for that end of summer hush that falls over the place. I love how you worded it. May you be blessed in this new season!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nancy! Camp is a pretty special place! It's been such a blessing to be here as an older adult! Pretty awesome way to spend a summer!


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