19 August 2013

DIY Circle Pinwheels & A Nautical Baby Shower

You know how sometimes you see ideas on pintrest and you think you can do them but then halfway through you're like 'oh dang they are gonna put this on Pintrest Fails'? Well that totally could have been the case for the nautical themed baby shower my friend and I put on this weekend. Thankfully, this time it turned out ok! S I'm here to show you that those super cute Pintresty ideas you see? Just got for it cause it might turn out awesome!
So I know that everyone and their mama is doing a nautical theme baby shower these days, but man, it's just so dang cute and hey I live on an island so I can pretty much nautical my little heart out if I want to ok guys?
So first a few photos of the shower, I was in charge of decor and my friend was in charge of the food, which she did an amazing job of, and then I will share the DIY for the super sweet pinwheels!
Super cute oyster cookie sandwiches! I mean how cute are these? Droopy eyes and all they are pretty darn cute! Made with two sugar cookies, pink icing inside the 'mouths' and a yogurt covered raisin for the 'pearl'. Originally seen here.

These were great and so simple! Blue jello, mandarin orange slices for the boat and a little flag for the sail! Originally seen here

Pepper and hummus octopus!! With olives for eyes! Originally seen here.
Crab cupcakes! Seen here.

Ok on to the DIY!! I've been pretty much in hearts with these vintage circle pinwheels which are just popping up all over the internets these days. I have lots of ideas of what I would like to do with these little babies when I'm back in my 'real house' in September, so stay tuned!
Step One: Gather your supplies. Paper, scissors, glue and a ruler.
((I used both tissue paper and scrapbook paper, I preferred the scrapbook paper but the tissue paper does look cute and is a cheaper alternative))

Step Two: Cut paper into strips, how large or small you want your pinwheel will determine the thickness of your cuts. For a medium/large pinwheel I cut a pice of scrapbook paper in half, and used 2 sheets per pinwheels.
Step Three: Accordion fold your paper, back and fourth like a fan. It should look like this.

Step Four: Attach by gluing ends together to form a circle.
Step Five: Gather one open end of the circle together to form a gathered point in the middle, then press down to flatten out the pinwheel. It should look something like this.

You can also round the edges of the paper before step four when you attach ends to form a circle. To do this you would fold like an accordion and take your siscors and round one end, leaving the other end square. You will then have something like this

Have you hosted a baby shower recently? Have you ever made paper pinwheels? How did they turn out? I'm thinking about making a garland, or maybe a feature wall for Hazels room!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh I love it :D Looks like it was a wonderful party~

  2. So cute!! I wanted to do an Under the Sea party for Stella (her birthday is this Thursday) but I ran out of time. I think I will do it for her next year though. I seriously had a whole list of ideas...so from Pinterest and some of my own and our dig literally ate half the piece of paper!

  3. Oh this cute!!! Thanks for the tutorial on the pinwheels, I've been wanting to make these! {NOT a Pinterest fail btw!}


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