2 August 2013

Dear Hazel: August 2013

Dear sweet Hazel, you are 9 months old. You have been such a great little camper these past two months living out at Camp Seggie while Daddy has been working. You love seeing all of the kids every day and they love you too.

You have such a sweet nature and you always have a smile for everyone. You've started crinkling up your nose when you smile and it reminds me of your Daddy. It's pretty darn cute. Everyone always tells me that you have the biggest blue eyes that they have ever seen, another thing you get from Daddy, and people always stop us at the grocery store to talk to you, and you love talking to them too!

You got two teeth this month! Two little white chiclets popping out at the bottom! You've put them to good use already and you're pretty much eating everything that we give to you. You also learned how to sit up from your belly. This has made naps more of a challenge for mama because when I put you in your crib you just sit right up and play forever!

We have spent a lot of time in the water and you just love it! The beach the pool the bathtub a puddle, anywhere you can get it you love it. This makes your beach and water loving mama pretty happy.

The Lord has been teaching mama about kindness. Being kind at all times can sometimes be hard, but I pray that you will learn this lesson early and that you won't forget it. I pray that I will be an example of kindness and generosity to others in your life Hazel and that I will show you Jesus through my words and my actions.

I love you so very much,

xo mama


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  1. Beautiful letter and baby! Thanks for joining this month! <3 Mya always seems to make friends at the grocery store too. So sweet!

  2. Beautiful letter. Kindness is so important, sometimes you have to work at it but it is a great example to set. Baby is adorable.

  3. Love her happy little face :) My little one is a water baby too. She can't pass the dog's water bowl without getting in it. lol

  4. I love the crinkle nose! So cute! I have been doing monthly updates for my little guy, although I haven't been writing letters. It's still really fun to look back on. :)



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