17 July 2013

Mom-Lovin Hop No. 7

Hello lovely friends. Thank you all for linking up last week. Let me tell you... It was soooooo hard to pick a feature mama this week! Dang! There are some freaking cute blogs out there that belong to some amazing ladies!
So I thought I would feature someone whose blog I absolutely adore! And that's Shayla from

So cute, right? I just love her style and the cute Etsy finds she posts, and her sweet life with her daughter and fiancé and did I mention she makes the cutest baby mobiles which she sells at her own Etsy shop? My husband will insist on that lumberjack one if we have a boy next, I'm sure of it! I feel like if we lived in the same place we might be friends. Or maybe I just hope we would be friends! Haha! Definitely check this gal out!

Now onto the link up! So check it out!!! We are doing something DIFFERENT today!!
I would love it if you could link up your favourite mama blog you've visited or have been visiting lately, after your own link. I know it's a bit more work but I think it would be awesome to have some more links we can check out. I know we all get around the blog world and see tons of blogs a week so link one up! And then tell them that you have linked them too! :)
Big thanks to Lena of Root and Blossom and Mia of Mossy Jo Jo for co-hosting!
Head on over to Lena's page to see who she's featured today as well!

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