16 July 2013

Family Mission Statement {Start as you mean to go on}

Bob and I have been working on a little something. It all stemmed from my 30 Days of Intention Challenge. The Lord spoke to me during a quiet moment spent with Him and challenged me to write a mission statement for our family.
I immediately got SUPER excited about it. It felt so right in my spirit. See, my amazing husband is very practical. He is a sweet man who just needs everything laid out for him, he needs to know the game plan, and when he has a goal he is full steam ahead. Without that... Things tend to get a little left behind. I know this because, unfortunately, I am quite similar. I need goals, I need rules. I looove having a game plan. {which was something I didn't fully realize about myself until we had Hazel}
But when I told Bob my great plan he said "a mission statement? For our family? Who does that?" And I said "well... We do!!!" So we put our thinking caps on and have been wording and rewording and making lists of things we want to include and things we can leave out.
We had a date night a couple of weeks ago and got out my phone to take notes on what we thought our mission statement should include. I got the ball rolling and once I did we both really enjoyed doing it and we came up with some pretty sweet stuff.
After we had some of the things we wanted to include I did a bit of searching as to what it should look like. I found an awesome resource by Simple Mom which gives lots of helpful tips as well as questions to ask to 'suss out' what's important to your family.
I will be sure to share ours with you when we are finished!

What do you think about a family mission statement? Do you have one? What types of things would you include?

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  1. LOVE the idea of a family mission statement. I've seen this concept several times on the Internet, but we just haven't done it yet. Mainly because my hubby who have the same reaction yours did {"who does that?!?"} LOL! I still need to try, though.

  2. That's a great idea. We don't have one but if we do it will definitely include Joshua 24:15 :)


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