1 July 2013

{Dear Weekend}

{Dear Weekend}

You were one of my favourites so far this year. Thanks for coming and bringing a much needed break from Camp. You also brought our first overnight date night since Hazel was born. It was nerve wracking for me but Grandma and Grandpa have lots of experience!

{Dear Camp}

I like you best when you are quiet

{Dear man of my dreams}

Thank you for taking me out and making me feel special and wonderful and so very beautiful. You revive my romantic heart. Thanks for marrying me. I continue to find you incredibly dreamy.

{Dear Hazel girl}

Thank you for being such a good girl and staying with Grandma and Grandpa for the night and not giving them any trouble at all. {And thank you for squealing with glee when you saw me after a 15 hour absence, it made my mama heart fill with joy}

{Dear Tommee Tippee}

Thank you for making an amazing bottle so similar to a breast that my sweet baby girl drank from it with no trouble after refusing every bottle given to her for the past 3 months. Bless you. This mama needed a night off.

{Dear Sun}

Your absence this weekend was duly noted. Please make an appreance soon.

{Dear Moa Po}

You make the best baby wearing wraps ever. And I'm not even that into baby wearing I mean, what? I love baby wearing, doesn't evey hippy boho mama? But for real Moa Po, you saved the day {and lots of other days when Hazel was little} I really do love you.

{Dear swimsuit}

Thanks for being forgiving on this 8 month postpartum body. We looked pretty good together.

{Dear Self}

Remember you can't be the best at everything. Remember to communicate. Remember to ask for help. Remember to speak words that bring healing and give grace.

{Dear Lovely ones}

How was your weekend?


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  1. Thanks for linking up!! Loved reading your Dear Weekend!! Good for you for an overnight date night! We weren't able to have one of those til Stella was almost 2 and a half! She does great now and usually stays at her Nana And Pawpaw's for a night every 2-3 weeks or so. This weekend she will be staying both Fri and Sat...Ithat might be harder on me than her to be away for TWO days (but it really is great to to have uninterrupted time to connect with our husbands, isn't it?!) hope you have a great week!! (Also, I think I might add the Dear Self to mine!)

  2. Thanks for hosting!! I loved your post! and I just love the idea too! a great little recap :) Nice that you guys get a bit of a break every once in a while. I don't know how people do it who live far from their families!


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