4 June 2013

The whole truth and nothing but the truth!


So.. This is where I am, right now, so thankful! We made a little escape to our family cottage for the week... The week!!! So good! My in-laws rent this little gem out to tourists most of the summer so it's a rare treat to get a whole week alone at the cottage. Baby girl and I are just chillin during the days, exploring the water and swinging in the hammock.

But, what I really wanted to share today though is the one year anniversary of She Reads Truth{which was actually yesterday}. I have shared before that in my search more more intention this year, She Reads Truth has been a huge blessing to me.

I was originally drawn to She Reads Truth by the organized nature of it, love to check off tasks much?, I loved that I could set a timer to go off and a little reminder would pop up on my screen... And who's gonna click ignore??

But I was soon moved into a motivation I haven't had in at least a couple of years, to get into the word daily, out of desire and my love and relationship with The Lord. Amen!! The Soul Detox devotion rocked me {I actually want to do it again} ; Hosea; Isaiah; Advent.... It was all good

So thank you to the She Reads Truth ladies who started it all. Bless you! And if you're just hearing about this, join the ever growing community of women who are reading, growing and learning together.


  1. It was so nice to read about your experience! I love your word "intentional" wow! Hope you all have a good week at the cottage!

  2. I am just now jumping into She Reads Truth. I have read some of their other stuff. Been following for quite a while now, but it hasn't been until recently that I've really felt "starved" for the Word. I know I don't read it *nearly* as often as I should, but it's time. My soul needs it so much.


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