11 June 2013

The Terpstra's Go To Camp

Has anyone ever read the book "The Bearenstien Bears Go To Camp"... No? Yes? Well, that's my life right now! There is even a Camp Director bear named 'Bob', and my husband is kind of a bear.. In a good way!

We are so excited that God has called us back to camp this year. It a ministry we are passionate about and we both feel it is a special place, set apart, my husband calls it a 'thin place' where heaven and earth are just a little bit more symbiotic than in the 'real' world.

Now it has had it's challenges so far. They don't have our staff accommodations quite ready yet... And by quite ready I mean that the roof just went up yesterday... So we are currently living in one small room, with all of our earthly possessions. It's been a bit of a challenge trying to get Hazel to nap when she is literally a foot away from me, not to mention the wonderful kids having a blast just outside our door. Cooking, making baby food, and washing diapers is a bit different. Bathing has been different as well. I took Hazel into the shower with me... She screamed bloody murder the.whole.time!

But all of that being said. It's an amazing blessing, really and truly, to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to have fun with these kids and tell them about The One who loves them like they have never known, The One who laid down his life for them. Some of these kids come from pretty hard homes, some of these kids come from great homes, some of these kids don't know what it's like to have something 'new', some of these kids have every gadget invented. But they are all here, in this thin place for one week, and we get to care for them, to know them, to watch them learn and grow and be kids.

I feel incredibly honoured. So amidst all that is hard. All that will beat me down and make me weary, I will cling to my Father for strength this summer. For grace to love fellow staff. For peace when things seem a little out of control. And we wait on Him with great hope and anticipation to do great things.

Is God calling you into a challenge this summer? I would love to hear about the challenges and joys you are experiencing! Drop me a line in an email or leave me a comment!


Wondering how I'm doing on my 30 Days to Intention challenge?

Well it's been good! So good! I will write more at a later time but I'm learning so much, and I really feel that through this challenge The Lord is shaping me and calling me to be more like Him.

Hope you all have a lovely day, and don't forget to link up on Thursday for our 3rd Mom-lovin hop!

Xo Hannah



  1. Sounds like you're having a beautiful summer Hannah. Blessings & love xx mia

  2. How fun Hannah!! A few years ago my husband and I spent a week at Camp Allendale as leaders for a group of 5-6th graders. Our church pretty much took up all the spaces for the whole camp from grades 1-8, but there were some others not from our church too. I always say I think I had more fun than the kids, since I never went to church camp growing up. Praying you guys have an amazing time and make awesome relationships with the kids in Jesus' name!!!

    1. Thank you so much Eva, we are having a blast! It's really amazing to see how God is working in these little ones! Last week we had testimonies shared by the campers and when we asked a little girl how her heart felt she said "it feels full", how sweet is that? We are definitely honoured to be the hands and feet of The Lord here!


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