26 June 2013

Mom-lovin Hop no.5

Is this really Number 5?? Wow time is flying! So happy to see all of you sweet mamas linking up each week! Be sure to tell you friends and keep this little link up growing!! :)
I'm excited to tell you that we have a new co-host this week! Mia from Mossyjojo
Mia shares lots of amazing DIY's, style and home decor inspirations. We are so happy to have Mia along for the mom-lovin hop! Heading over to Mossyjojo gets me super excited and inspired to get my DIY on, so definitely check it out!
We also have Lena from Root and Blossom back again this week, aren't you all so happy for her that she is finally back in North America?? Welcome home Lena! Our regular other co-host Melissa from Fawn Over Baby will hopefully be back co-hosting in a few weeks.
I'm excited to share that our featured mama of the week is.......
Megan from 115 Danville

Megan has a sweet little blog where she writes about her ups and downs of first time motherhood, and shares other tips and tricks along the way. I love Megan's style and how she keeps it real! Go on over and check her out!
Again thank you all for linking up and making this hop a success! Please remember to just link once and if you could link your bloglovin URL that would be awesome! :)
Hope you all have an amazing week!

***let me know if your are interested in co-hosting***


  1. Thanks for hosting each week. Looking forward to checking out the blogs linked up! :)

  2. Love this blog hop! I hope to co-host again in the future!! We are slowly packing up our things here, I'm hanging on to my computer as looooong as I can :/ Blogging and Moving don't mix well :/ Thank Goodness I have prepared for this occasion and have post written through the end of July, whew! Exhausted! I'm excited to continue to link up each week!

  3. I'm linking up for the first time! Thanks for hosting! I'm following you via Bloglovin and can't wait to get to know you all better!

    Aanie from www.theactivemum.com x


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