7 June 2013

B + H: A Love Story

Hubs and I will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary on June 11th. Two years of loving this man who inspires me, dances with me, squeezes me tight, challenges me, encourages me, laughs with me, gets crazy with me, dreams with me. So many things that make up our life together. But let's talk about how it all started!

Now, Bob and I both grew up, and still live on a small Island in Canada called Prince Edward Island. Its a population of about 140,000, and if you factor in the population of the Christian community it's even smaller. So I'm not gonna lie, by the ripe old age of 24 I had pretty much thought I had met all of the single Christian guys around... You know how Christian girls are, you say you're not looking, content in your singleness and all that malarkey, {mostly joking here, I was actually pretty content and totally in love with Jesus} but for real, I had pretty much met em all! I had travelled around the world and came home, much to the surprise of my family and friends, single. I never dreamed I would find my love at home!

Enter Bob. My friends Ian and Natasha moved to PEI from Ontario and since Ian still often worked in Ontario he made the 12-14 hour drive every couple of months. On his way home from one of these trips he spotted a hitchhiker on the side of the road with a "PEI" sign. Although Ian had his 2 year old son with him he decided to pick this guy up... They needed up having a great chat, found out they both loved The Lord, not to mention went to the same Bible College, different years, Ian had even been the photographer for a wedding Bob was in in Alberta! Pretty crazy stuff! They drove all the way home together and Ian drove Bob right to his parents door and they exchanged numbers planning to get together soon.

{If you're wondering what's the heck Bob was doing hitchhiking, he was just returning home from living away for 4 years, going to Bible college, working at camps, and tree planting, he often hitchhiked as he thinks this is a great way to meet people... While I agree with him in this one instance... I have since persuaded him to give up his hitchhiking ways}

So when Ian returned home, he promptly told his wife Natasha, "I've just met Hannah's husband, I picked him up on the side of the road" Natasha was easily convinced they should set us up and a few weeks later they had a dinner party to do just that. I knew it was a set up, he didn't. A fact I don't think I told him until we were engaged... Whoops!

Bob and I became good friends after the dinner party, I was interested, he had just gotten out of a relationship and had sworn to be single for at least a year. After about 4 months of constant friendship I convinced him to call a spade a spade and we went on our first official date ((he took me skating, he can't skate, and I could practically skate before I could walk, so it was pretty comical))

We dated for 6 months, it was fast and furious. We spent almost every waking moment together worked at rival coffee shops, went longboarding, and adventuring.

We got engaged in the same spot he first told me he loved me and where we would later say our vows.

And we got married on a stunningly gorgeous day 6.5 months later on June 11, 2011. See more wedding pictures here.

We had our sweet Hazel girl 16 months later! So much joy! Read more about her here.

I feel really incredibly blessed to have this life and this love. I say often I can't believe he picked me and I love him more each day. It's amazing to see him as a Dad, just as wonderful and I knew he would be, and to share this crazy life with him.

Thank for reading my love story!

Have a lovely day!





  1. What an amazing love story! Happy belated Anniversary! :)

  2. sweet story hannah! i'm happy for you guys! (I didn't realize you had a blog until today!)

    1. Aww thanks Becca! I'm still a little embarrassed that I even have a blog! Ha! So not too many from my "real" life even know about it... Maybe I'll tell the world when I start writing about great and wonderful things, and when my writing gets a bit better. But for now I'm liking my little blogging corner. :)

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