3 June 2013

An intentional journey


Are you ready to hear the word 'intentional' more times in one blog post then you ever thought possible? Well take a seat my friend!

So this weekend I started my '30 Days to Intention', and let me tell you, it's been soo good so far! I started by being intentional about not spending too much time on the Internet for the weekend... Inspired by The Tiny Twig and her 'Analog weekend'. It was good.

Another awesome one was that The Lord challenged me to greet as many older people in our church congregation on Sunday as I could. My husband works at a church as the youth pastor and its pretty easy to stay in our comfort zone of connecting with youth and other like minded people in our church we see all of the time. So I chatted up the old folks, and it was easy... Cause I have a baby... And everyone likes a cute baby! This might not sound like a big deal or a stretch, and it wasn't really... I'm an outgoing person, but in my search for more intention in my life I realize that I have to push myself, or allow The Lord to push me into doing things that frankly I just normally wouldn't think of.

Up next on my intentional journey?
- letter/note writing- I'm sure we all have a friend who is awesome at writing little notes and letters of encouragement... I am not this friend, but I want to be!! I also want to start writing notes to my husband again, haven't done it much since we have been married!
- intercession for members of my family who don't know The Lord... Phew. A big one but I have been feeling the call to lift up these people in prayer daily....

I'll let you know how it all goes!

If this post makes no sense to you at all... You are probably already an intentional person, but if what I'm pursuing resonates with you, why not join me? I would love to have some others on this journey.

Also some food for thought. Have you seen  Jen Hatmakers new book "7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess"? Supa crazy challenging!!! Not sure I could do it.... But maybe after this little project I will feel ready to tackle something like that!

Have a great day!

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