23 May 2013

Throwback Thursday- MY WEDDING!

Alright so prepare yourselves for a major onslaught of photos. I thought for Thowback Thursday I would holler back to oh so long ago... um 2 years... to my Wedding Day! {Our Anniversary is coming up}

I gotta admit... im pretty dang proud of what I put together for our wedding. Aside from Hazel being born, its was my favourite day of life. And I think I should tell you that Pintrest didn't even exist back then {say what??} So I did this all without the help of the almighty wedding pin-spiration. 

OH and did I mention this whole wedding only cost us $4000!!!! ohhh yeeeeeah! 

So here ya go. Eye-Candy. {and my tips to wedding day success... not to be confused with marriage success}

{Location: We are pretty freakin blessed to live on this amazing little Island.
So really anywhere we could have chosen would have been beautiful}
{We chose the get married at my in-laws cottage. Isn't it awesome?
I picked the right family huh?}

{B proposed to me right here on this deck and we said "I Do" in the same spot
We kept the decore here simple. My Bro-in-law cut down some apple blossoms,
and my sister-in-law drug up this flat rock from the beach we could sign our vows on.
The rock now resides in our garden}

{B with his Mom and Best man, putting on the handmade boutonni√®res.
If you are nervous about making your own, don't be they are super easy} 
{Close-up of the boutineers} 

{The guys- I was super happy with the grey Calvin Klein suits we picked out
A friend made the ties, I picked the fabric}

{One of my favourite pictures of the day}

{Love this man so so much}

{We had our reception at a kids camp B and I used to work at.
It had lots of space, it was cheap and I think we made it look great}

{Me getting ready in the cottage}

{Right after the Ceremony. Happy faces}

{Some of our wedding party. We got the bridesmaid dresses at RW&Co, for a whopping $80}

{Details: Chalkboard window menu}
{Details: Old Typewriter program holder}

{I love this pic of us. Im so happy and B looks pretty captivated I must say...}

Hope you enjoyed my little stroll down memory lane! I have lots of more pictures I may post at a later date, and I think I will post a bit about how B and I met too... its a pretty crazy story! 


  1. Hey there! I just wanted to say thanks for the follow on Bloglovin'! I'm happy to be following you back! Gorgeous pics by the way! Have a wonderful Thursday :o)

    1. Thank you so much for the follow back!! :) Would love for you to join in my new bloglovin blog hop called "mom-lovin" every Thursday! Just for mom bloggers! Look forward to future posts!

  2. What GORGEOUS pictures! The happiness just radiates through them all :)

    Came across your blog via the Bloglovin Blog Hop...looking forward to seeing more!

    Kate @ kategonecoastal.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much Kate! It was a happy happy day! :)


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