9 May 2013

On becoming intentional in an indifferent world

Have you ever been described as "easy-going"? I have, and I used to think it was a huge compliment, its how I wanted to be seen, "Oh easy-going Hannah, with her beachy curly hair..." yeah... But as I grow older I find myself wishing more and more that I was described as "intentional"... though I don't think its a word many throw around these days...


Adjective: Done on purpose.   

I haven't lived a life that I would say was characterized by intention. I'm wishy washy about decision making, I let friends call me to set up hang outs, I forget to send thank you cards, and although im quite affectionate I haven't been very effusive in my admiration of those I care about {unless your name is Bob, in that case I will shower you with affirmation} When Hazel came along, I was afraid that I would fall into the unintentional zone... unintentionally of course. And life would pass us by and Hazel would grow, yes we would have some great times and be quite happy, but I asked myself how much richer my life could be if I started being more intentional. If I started making those great moments more frequent. 

So, how do we begin? How do you change habits 27 years in the making? Here are some things I have done. 

With Bob and Hazel I want to intentionally spend quality time, document our life, and build up instead of tear down. 

{Practical application of this includes:} 

- No media Monday {I try to take Monday off from Facebook, and most of the "internets"} Bob trys to join me in this as much as he can, with the exception of anything work related. 
- I invested in a good camera, and I take pictures and videos of Hazel and our life as often as I can.
- I try to pray with Bob and for Bob at least once a day. 
- I try to be more gracious, not taking offence to every little thing. 

In my Faith
{Practical application of this includes:} 

- I downloaded an app called YouVersion ((hands down the best app I have)) and joined up with She Reads Truth which is an online community of ladies all doing the same "plan" in YouVersion, you can post about it, blog about it, whatever, its pretty sweet, and they have some great stuff. The Holy Week series is rocking my world right now. 
- praying for Hazel, I pray for her each night I put her down to bed. 
-journalling - I definitely fell behind in my journal and im being more diligent in this. 

In my Family and Friends
{practical application}

- im trying to be the one to initiate rather than letting people contact me. 
-  getting my family together more and connecting with my siblings and parents, as well as B's siblings and parents. 
- going out, getting out of my house! (Who would have thought I would be homebody! But I am I love love being at home with H, working on my little projects) I would like to get out more,but not just for the sake of getting our, but to be intentional about where I go and what I do. 

In my home
{practical application}

- Flylady.net - check it out! She is the bomb of keeping your house in order! She pretty much rocks and gives you lots of tips and even a detailed plan on how to clean and get organized, but If you don't do it one day, no worries! There is no guilt. 
- de-cluttering!!!! We have so much stuff! And I am definitely starting to feel like I need to get rid of a lot of it and get much simpler. Im sure I will have a post dedicated to this... starting with my wardrobe! eek! 
- You can also download this little {free} printable from "Life Made Lovely". If you are a list-maker like me you will love it! 
You'll find it here http://lifemadelovely-blog.com/tagged/freebies/page/3


  1. What a great goal- I could use a bit of intentional action myself right now.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    1. Thanks Marie! Its been a hard lesson for me to learn! But its good! Checked out your blog! Will be following on Bloglovin, love your style!

  2. Amen! Thanks for sharing this, and look forward to the blog series!

  3. i was just thinking about this, this morning. how i need to be more 'there' rather than letting things slide. the days pass by so quickly and while in bed i start thinking of what i should've done with the kids and husband. great post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Leah! I know exactly what you mean but it's been a great journey so far. I hope to share some practical tips I have learned so far, very soon!

  4. I've never really thought about it that way! For my whole life I've strived to be "easy-going" because those people always seemed to be stress-free to me. But this makes me wonder now, is it possible to feel easy-going/stress-free but still be intentional? When I think of intentional, I think "to the point, passionate, all-or-nothing" kinds of attitudes. Those things don't really relate to being care-free, at least not in my opinion. You've raised a great point here, something I'm really going to think about the next time I'm trying to be easy-going.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Sorry for the delay in response Courtney! So glad you stopped by! I've been thinking a lot about what you have said and I totally understand. I used to strive to be easy-going too. And I think what The Lord is teaching me in this time is that I can still be easy going, that is the way I tend to be naturally, and still also live my life with intention. I'm aiming to be intentional where it counts, in relationships primarily, and be easy going in other ways (like not sweating the small stuff) I think for me, being intentional has helped me really focus my time and energy to I can be easy going in other areas... If that makes any sense!! :) I guess I'm still figuring it all out too!

  5. I love everything about this! What a challenge! And so timely for me. I needed to read this. I needed the push. Thanks for linking up so I could read your words!!

    1. So glad you stopped by Lindsay! I'm learning a lot and hope to share more soon!


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