18 May 2013

Friday Faves

Hello Friday!! You kinda snuck up on me! It's been a while since I have a FF post so I though I would reflect as my day ends...

{one} daddy/daughter play time. I love how Bob loves Hazel. It really makes my heart burst with joy to see how much he truly adores her. {he literally wants to wake her up from naps because he misses her}

{two} My earrings are now for sale in a shop locally! Pretty exciting stuff to have my handmade goodies available to a larger market!

{three} fluff mail. We got some Alva brand diapers in the mail this week. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews... But for $5 bucks I figured it was worth a shot to try 'amiright'?? And the prints are pretty darn cute!

{four} Hazel turned 7 months old this week. 7 months!! Whoa!! Trying to be intentional about cherishing this time.

{five} Another diaper!! Saw this Ella Bella Bum for sale for 20 bucks. They are kinda pricy new, and this was a cute 'nature' print so I figured I would go for it! I like it so far! Canadian company WHAM, would love to do a review someday!

There ya have it! Enjoy the weekend!

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