15 May 2013

A big ol' DIY day

It was a pretty dreary day on our little Island on Monday, so I set out to make it a bit brighter at my sewing machine. My sister is having a baby in June so she asked me if I would whip her up a nursing cover. I found a great tutorial at Prudent Baby and made it in no time. I chose to use "Indian cotton" since she will be using it in the summer primarily, it will be a bit more breathable for the little babes! Super easy to do and I think it turned out pretty cute!

I also made a travel blanket for Hazel from some cute Russian matryoshka doll fabric from Kona Fabrics. She loves the bright colours and the tags. I had the fabric and while I was searching for what I should do with it I came across this tutorial from Make and Do which featured the same fabric! I searched high and low for the same Velcro that attaches to itself... But couldn't find it anywhere so I skipped that step and I think it's totally fine. We have already used it a few times in the car and its awesome!

P.s. loving the new app from A Beautiful Mess! Soo good!

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