11 March 2013

{Tutorial} Crinkle taggie square

Want to make this cute personalized taggie square? You only need basic sewing skills for this project and you'll finish it in no time.

{Crinkle Taggie Square}

Difficulty Level: easy 
Time: One nap time :) 


-Cotton Fabric of your choice 
-Flannel (optional)
-Plastic gift wrap
-Sewing machine

Start by cutting a template from some cardstock or other heavy paper
Mine was 6.5 inch square
You'll need to cut 2 of the cotton fabric
1 flannel (this adds durability and makes it softer for the babes)
and 1 plastic gift wrap. 

Then cut your personalized letter from felt. I just freehanded mine and it turned out fine. 
If you are lucky enough to have a sewing machine that does applique
 {im borrowing my mother in laws}
then machine applique your felt letter onto 1 cotton piece. 
If you don't have this a regular straight stitch will work too, or a zigzag. 
{you could do a double straight stitch to add character} 

On the back {wrong} side of one of the cotton pieces, mark where you will be putting the ribbon in, you will notice that I have 6 short lines and one long line on one side, you'll want to leave that long part open so you can turn your work through the opening. 

Layer your pieces 
Cotton pieces {right sides together}
Plastic gift wrap
{you'll want to have the cotton piece you marked on to be the top you are looking at when you sew}

Sew together, stopping and raising the presser foot when you get to a mark, leaving that gap, start again on the other side of the marking. 

I like to cut the corners before I turn inside out, makes for a nicer corner
Turn inside out! 

Im not much of a presser... but if you were to press {iron} your work, do it now

Cut ribbon pieces.
 With ends together, put ends into gaps left while sewing, and pin

Now topstitch, with just a straight stitch, all the way around your square, 
securing your ribbons as you go

In the end you should have something like this! 

All you have to do now is watch your little one mow down on the crinkly goodness


  1. Now that is just adorable, that last picture is so sweet!
    Thank for sharing this idea. I think adding the initial is a really great idea!

    hugs x


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Crystelle! I am definitely happy with how the initial turned out too! This is the first time I have shared my blog, so thanks for the positive response! :)

      - Hannah

  2. So cute! What a good idea. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Cute! I know my little man would love this. Thanks for sharing.
    Visiting from Keeping it Simple...

    1. Thanks Kelly! My 5 month old is all about it! Definitely a new fave. Isn't it cute when they start having preferences! Thanks for visiting!

  4. It's lovely and from the photo it's well loved!

  5. How lovely, so much healthier than chewing the car keys (we do still remind my niece of her achievement in disabling the alarm and locking mechanism when tiny with dribble even tho she's now 23 - and have promised to keep embarassing her about it until she's in her dotage!) Sue

  6. Oh how I wish I had seen this about 9 years ago! Those 'taggies' are so expensive but my children have all loved the feeling of ribbon. A great tutorial. Thank you for sharing. :)

  7. Awww that's lovely and the baby in question seems to be really enjoying it :-) Simmi x


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