10 March 2013

Friday Favourites

Some favourites this week.


This girl.... We had a Duck Dynasty theme night at Youth Group this week, and Hazel was definitely best dressed. I made her this camo diaper out of her Daddy's old army pants, and made her a little headband to match.


If you are any kind of crafter... you know about Washi tape... its the biggest thing to hit the crafting world since the glue gun. Up until now I had never been able to find washi tape anywhere on this little island, and thought I was forever to be behind the crafting times... but lo and behold, there it was at Michael's. Booyah. You should expect some washi goodness comin at ya in the next few weeks. In the mean time, pop on over to Little Inspiration  and check out all the things you can do with this stuff.

Im a big fan of this little sweetie I made for Hazel this week. Its a taggie square, WITH crinkle. Crinkle is key at this age. I machine appliqued her initial on in felt. Stay tuned for a tutorial on Monday.


I may have been late to hear this song but its a goodie. Spent a lot of time this week singing it to Hazel and dancing around the living room.


Last but not least, another favourite. I ordered this fabric this week and im patiently... sort of... awaiting its arrival. I have several plans for this little cutie!

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