15 December 2012


Hazel is now 8 weeks and is bringing SO much JOY to our life! She is such a sweet little babe. She is now just starting to take notice of the world around her and its amazing to see her grow and learn!
We love her so much! Like I could pretty much squeeze her guts out...

Its amazing how your capacity to love can grow exponentially.

B is an amazing Dad. He has been a huge huge help to me; I honestly don't know how people do this alone! Im so thankful for him. Its amazing to see the love of your life in such a different role, and he is such a natural at it. It makes me love him so much more.

As we are now in the last month of this year, and I look on to the year ahead I can now see that my word for this year "Joy" was truly fulfilled in Hazel. She is my greatest joy.

The first three pictures were taken on the day Hazel was born and the last one is when she was 5 days old. She was born with bi-lateral pneumothorax, both of her lungs didn't fully inflate. So she was on oxygen for 5 days. It was a bit of a scary time looking back but she is 100% now! 

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