8 October 2012


Lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! A sweet baby inside, a warm and cozy house (and fireplace), a handsome and loving husband, two great families to be a part of, an amazing Saviour.
So thankful.

I'm also learning another lesson in control and letting go... Waiting for our baby to come. I couldn't decide whether it would turn or not and I can't decide on which day it will be born... Just another thing I'm stumbling my way through and learning on this great adventure.

In other news, I taught myself to crochet today! And made a cowl scarf! I'm pretty happy with it considering it wasn't exactly a beginner pattern! Crocheting, I've decided, is 100 times better thank knitting, I'm a crochet convert!

I used this pattern: http://elletrainknits.blogspot.ca/2009/11/black-hole-cowl-pattern.html

It didn't turn out exactly like it... since I wasn't sure how she created that ridge going through the pattern... something about crocheting it from the back... anyway I think I did pretty well for my first time!

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