29 September 2012

A breech of trust...

We have been through a lot, this little baby and me. Two weeks ago I found out that baby T was breech, which really rocked my world considering my only thoughts toward positioning were posterior vs anterior! I mean, I'm a doula and this is my big chance to experience what all of my clients and so many women before me have experienced!
I had a mad 4 days of trying everything I possibly could... Rebozo, spinning babies, inversions (for hours on end), moxibustion, flashlights, hot and cold, and music... Nothing!!!!
Finally, finally I realized something. I am not in control, and I don't need to be. I have given that privilege over to something greater than myself, someone far far greater; so why did I think I could or should control this? This great gift that was given to me!
So, I finally let it go, I let God have it, knowing that He is greater and he knew the reasons why this baby was not where it was supposed to be (where 97% of babies go on their own) and I trusted him that in all things the result would be for his glory. I can't say I trust him with everything in all circumstances and then not give this to Him!

So I did, I trusted, I stopped trying and prayed about the options available to us. The biggest one was to have an ECV done. My OB was extremely skeptical and said the chance of it working were less than 30% and that we should weigh the pros and cons as complications can and do arise and baby's heart rate can take a nosedive... Bob and I prayed about it and felt that we should go ahead with it, and I also felt assured it would work ( though there were a few moments of doubt and fear).
We had the ECV done on Tuesday and many many people were praying, so many it was overwhelming! And it worked!! It wasn't a walk in the park by any means, it hurt, badly. There were two times I thought I might stop them, but I pushed through, and boy was everyone astounded that if worked! All three OBs in the room with me were in shock! When I saw my doc three days later he said he still couldn't believe it!
So I truly believe it was a miracle. The Lord saw the desire of my heart and honored it. And He truly brought glory to him name in the midst if it all!

Our little one is so loved, we are so grateful and honored to raise this child in the love of the Lord and of community.

***UPDATE*** This post has gotten a bit of traffic over the last few weeks and I just wanted to add that if you did a google search on ECV (external cephalic version) or breech baby and you ended up here. Welcome. If you are currently pregnant with a breech baby, I understand your pain! Like I mentioned in the post, I tried everything to get my baby to flip, but nothing worked for me except the ECV. It you are like I was, I scoured the Internet for stories of successful ECV,or "ECV success stories", and I came up pretty short. In the end I'm SO happy I did it! It was the right decision for us.

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