2 August 2012

to the one inside...

Well little baby, we're at 30 weeks now. Pretty crazy that you will be joining your Dad and I in just 10 weeks! I thought I would take a couple of minutes... since I can't sleep anyway, to tell you a few things, before you get here and I forget everything.

We found out that you were on board with me on January 24th, 2012. I had a pretty good feeling a couple of days before that, that you might have been there... and you were!
The funny thing is little one, that two of your Mom's good friends Rinda, and Angi were praying for me about a week before we found out about you, probably right as you were really starting to form, and they both knew that you were on your way. They didn't tell me right away but they said that a very big blessing was coming my way... and that blessing was you!

When I did find out for sure that you were there inside, I told your Daddy right away... Im not very good at keeping secrets from him. He laughed; he has a nice laugh, your Dad. And then he squeezed me really tight. Your Dad knows that I love to be squeezed tight. I will probably do that to you too sometimes.

So far you haven't given me too much trouble from the inside, and I am pretty thankful for that! You like to kick like crazy, especially at night around 11:00. Your Dad sometimes sings to you and you seem to like that, since it usually makes you kick more!

We can't wait to see what you look like, and can't wait to teach you all of the things your Dad and I have learned about the world so far. We can't wait to tell you how much we love you!

This is a picture of me and you a couple of weeks ago at 28 weeks... you grew a bit since then but I couldn't find the picture!

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