3 July 2012

Sittin, waitin, wishin...

 The nursery is starting to come together... I might be a little quick on the jump, but hey I'm excited! We found a used crib on Kijiji and scooped it up since it was a great deal! I already had the curtains in the room... which used to be my craft room... um and is actually a closed off entryway... and I persuaded my love to let me buy the sweet little bench which opens for storage and so our little one can use it for many years for toys!

Im also thinking about getting crafty again and making this sweet little number on my next day off... too ambitious? I guess we will find out, but I keep reading that everyone has been surprised at how easy it is to make...

Find the tutorial here http://cottonandcurls.blogspot.ca/2012/06/3-in-1-diy-swimsuit-sewing-tutorial.html

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