12 June 2012

out of hiatus...

Well its been a while... I guess I've been busy. I haven't had too much time for craftiness these days since I have been growing a baby. Yep. Im 23 weeks pregnant and so far loving it. I have faired out far more fortunate than some of my sisters in arms who have been sick, nauseous, and exhausted. So far... pregnancy really agrees with me. Although... I could do without the "well meaning" comments from old ladies telling me im "huge" or asking me if im having twins... Boo to you ladies! Don't you remember what it was like to carry a frigging human inside of you?

Anyway enough of that. So I have completed a few projects... one was the subject of my last post, which was a quilt for my lovely friend Kath, who had her sweet little girl Adelaide a little over a week ago!

Kind of a crappy pic, but im pretty happy with how it turned out.

I finished another project which I wish I thought to take a picture of.... but i didn't! It was another quilt, a bit simpler and less time consuming for another friend who also had a baby girl 2 months ago! It's grey with white polka dots and i did a yellow minky back on it. I also embroidered on a cute yellow elephant. I really liked how it turned out!

Now Im just working on projects for my own babe! Currently im working on a mobile which is hot air balloon themed! Should be pretty cute! Will post when I finish! I guess thats about it for me today, I'll try to be more regular in my posts!

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