2 January 2012

Say it 'aint sew

Sew... last night I was sitting on my couch perusing though Netflix, trying to take advantage of the opportunity to shamelessly watch a girly movie, since my husband was out for the evening, when I decided to be productive instead. I really wanted to make a sweet little number for myself but thought I should probably start out small... and voila! I whipped out a cute little baby girl dress! So.. i don't have kids and Im not pregnant but I really love babies, and being a crisis pregnancy counsellor and a Doula gives me plenty of opportunities to be around them... and I think I know a precious little gal who just might receive this dress as a gift!

So here it is. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

To make this little beauty I loosely followed this pattern from Sew Like My Mom
I added in the ruffle bottom detail, and the ribbon is tied on both sides instead of just one. I tied in the yellow ribbon (only color I had) by using yellow thread to sew the rest of the dress. looks pretty cute up close.
With so many babies on the horizon, I can see myself making this again!

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