15 January 2012

Cardi Conversion

I've been pretty desperate for some new clothes and have also been wanting a new mustard yellow cardigan. So while I have been staying at my in-laws place I decided to take advantage of 2 things... 1- my mother in law's vast collection of sweaters which she uses to make hats, and 2- her amazing sewing machine!

So I made this sweet little number (the pictures are kind of crappy since I took them with my mac)

But my favourite part... the cute bicycle patterned liner I put on the inside.

It was super simple to do. I basically just cut the sweater down the middle, cut 2 stripes of the bicycle fabric 2 inches each, sewed it along the edge, flipped it to the inside and sewed it again. Im still thinking of adding some wooden buttons but for now its pretty cute how it is. Will definitely be doing this project again!

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